About Tracks4Apps

Tracks4Apps is a project put together by musician and app developer Simon Ward.

I have worked online since 2006, building websites and running a social network. I had some great success with the social network, until one day, Google decided to kill it off and launch their version called “Hangouts” back in 2012. Since then I have never achieved anywhere near the heights of what I had before Google de-ranked the site.

Working hard building websites and getting nowhere, that is how it has been since 2012. The internet is owned and ran by a small group of monopolies, making a success out of it is almost impossible, unless you have endless funds to pay the big boys for advertising. It all got a little too much for me, working 18 hours a day and continuing to be flat broke. Competitors with limitless funds paying to rank above your brand name, for someone like me with zero budget, it has become a no go.

Luckily my main passion has always been music. I have played in many bands, done a lot of solo gigs, wrote and recorded songs. I play guitar, bass, keyboard and can sing a little, nodules put an end to me becoming a good singer but I try. Having given up trying to make it with websites, I started to write music again, joining Distrokid to sell my music online. Obviously not being famous and not having a budget, chances are I wont sell any records. I just write songs hoping one day, someone will listen, like it and share it with their friends.

Another thing I do is build or re-skin apps for the App Store. Most of the games or apps require music. When I started launching apps, I paid for a lot of music from various developer stores. It is another niche that costs money for very little return. I decided to cut some costs and record my own app music. I am now enjoying writing and recording app music a lot more than building websites or re-skinning apps.

So my failures of the past and present have pushed me back into music. This I don´t mind one bit, I just hope that it becomes profitable. Earning a living from something you enjoy doing is a very hard thing to find. I´m enjoying what I´m doing, lets see what happens!

As a husband and father of a 5 year old son with another on the way, zero budget, my online business going down the pan, I really need to make this project work. Every track I write will be published on Tracks4Apps and for a small fee, you can download and use the track for any purpose. I created Tracks4Apps to earn revenue out of what I enjoy most and at the same time, provide app developers, video producers or anyone looking for royalty free music a source.



When you purchase tracks from Tracks4Apps.com you can use the track for any purpose other than re-selling it. You can use it in apps (both free and paid), promotion videos, events, TV commercials or basically anywhere you like, just don´t sell the track or try to pass it off as your own.

If you do purchase a track and use it in a commercial project, you must not credit the track as anyone else´s other than Simon Ward or Tracks4Apps.com. If you worked really hard creating something you would not like it if someone else tried to take that hard work away from you, I´m the same.


“Apps 4 Tracks” Watermark / Audio Tag

When you preview a track on Apps4Tracks, you will hear the words “Apps 4 Tracks” every 9 seconds. This is to prevent someone downloading and using the tracks to make money without contributing to the author. When you buy a track, your download will not have this watermark / audio tag. The watermark / audio tag is added only to the previews on the website.


Refund Policy

I have got to put this here for peace of mind. If you buy one of the tracks, it is exactly as you hear in the preview but without the watermark / audio tag. You also get the full track delivered via download right after payment. I would like to do this as a living so therefore the refund policy is a no refund under any circumstance policy. If, for some strange reason, you don´t receive your download after making payment, contact me and I will make sure you get what you paid for. However Tracks4Apps is fully tested, working and secure, so there should be no problems.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the tracks. Buying any tracks from me is greatly appreciated because you are helping me achieve a dream.

Thank you,